Though we are gluten free and vegan, we see ourselves not as “alternative” but as original, because we celebrate what nature has to offer by using only the most wholesome ingredients. Even in our category, we are unique since we use almond flour, pure maple syrup and soy-free chocolate chips. Our locally-handcrafted treats evoke joy without making you feel weighed down. Tasty and nourishing, our honest creations can be savored as a breakfast or snackduring any occation. By choosing SweetGems, you’llinspire us to continue celebrating natural foods and spreading love through wholesome desserts.
Thank you!

Cupcake Flavors:
Raspberry Lemon
Double Chocolate

Gem Flavors:
Sapphire  |  Blueberry Lemon Bliss
Ruby  |  Strawberry Lemon Breeze
Amber  |  Banana Chocolate Glow
Emerald  |  Zucchini Walnut Wonder